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This year's homecoming was very special – The University of Texas at El Paso was founded in 1914 as the Texas College of Mines. Thus, the Department of Geological Sciences and UTEP celebrate together our centennial birthday.  We are very grateful that so many alumni spent this special day together with us! Over 25 Alumni joined us during the day for field trips and gatherings.




Back Row (standing on bench): Ekal Imana (2002), Harry Wagner (1975), Ian Cappelle (2011), Chelsea Lucas (2013), Kristal Linney (2003), Tom Linney (2002), Geoff Giles (1990)


3rd Row (standing on ground): Joseph Mussey (1958), Jack Light (1969), James Cearley (1978)


2nd Row (standing on ground): JoAnne McClurg (1962), Bob Holub (1964), Orville Burg (1963), Dariush Davari (1980), Patricia Greer (1990), Diana Jones (1959), Arturo Ramirez (2013)


1st Row (seated): Don McClurg (1960), Richard Morris (1974), Harold Newman (1969), Luis Melendez (1980), Yvette Pereyra (2013)




Our day started early with breakfast burritos in the patio of the Geological Sciences building. We then headed with our tour busses to the Hueco State Park and Historic site, where we gathered in the Hueco Tanks Amphitheater for a brief introduction of the current Geological Sciences faculty. Professors Dr. Kate Giles, Dr. Libby Anthony, and Dr. Dave Lemone started the visit with an overview of the exciting Geology of the greater Heuco Tanks area.


Alumni join us for breakfast on the Patio. 


Dr. Dave Lemone & Dr. Kate Giles
introduce the geology of the area.


Dr. Libby Anthony tells us more. 

We then split into different groups to explore the many unique views and interesting insights that the Hueco State Park and Historic site offers, from the geology and landscape, over the flora and fauna, to the historical artifacts – all of which were explained to us by our three excellent guides, Ted & Ed – guides from the Heuco State Park, and Ian Cappelle, a private guide and and alumnus (B.S., 2011) and current Master's student in our department.

NewspaperCave IMG 9209 IMG 8281


After returning to El Paso, we enjoyed a delicious Mediterranean luncheon at UTEP Geological Sciences Reading Room and many inspiring discussions about the past and future of Geological Sciences in El Paso.

LunchLine DSC01352 DSC01353
DSC01354 DSC01357 DSC01358


We concluded this wonderful day with a reception at the home of Professor Dr. Phil Goodell, who catered us with dinner and beverages. The lively exchange between alumni, faculty, and students during this lovely evening made us feel being part of the big UTEP Geoscience family and will remain a long-lasting memory for all of us.

BuffetAtPhils PhilLineForDinner PoolParty


We thank all the alumni who came to join us, the tour guides from the Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic site, Phil Goodell for his hospitality, and Kate Giles and Nila Matsler for organizing this fantastic day.