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Dr. Benjamin Brunner

Office: Geology 404A

Phone: x5507



Stable isotopes are my tool of choice for investigating biogeochemical processes from single cells to global biogeochemical cycles and from today's environment to Earth's geologic past. I am interested in how biologic networks influence their life environment and how external forcing affects biologic communities in their mode of function and biologic composition.


Ph D - Biogeochemistry, ETH, 2004 

MS - Geology, ETH, 1999

Research Interests

light stable isotopes, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorous and carbon cycle, authigenic minerals, geobiology, life at the energy limit

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 Classes I Teach

Class Catalog Listing When
Carbonate Chemistry GEOL 5315 Fall, even years
Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry GEOL 5315 Fall, odd years
Introduction to Geochemistry GEOL 4316/5376 Spring, every year
Geomicrobiology GEOL 6315 Spring, every year