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Graduate & Doctoral Classes at a Glance (Scroll down for 4 year plan of course offerings)

GEOL 5101  Graduate Seminar   GEOL 6105  Directed Study in Geology
GEOL 5102  Geology of the Southwest   GEOL 6115  Adv Topics in Geological Scien
GEOL 5115  Selected Topics in Geol Scien   GEOL 6205  Directed Study in Geology
GEOL 5162  Directed Study in Geology   GEOL 6296  Doctoral Research in Geol Sci
GEOL 5215  Selected Topics in Geol Scienc   GEOL 6305  Directed Study in Geology
GEOL 5262  Directed Study in Geology   GEOL 6315  Adv Topics in Geological Scien
GEOL 5289  Graduate Research in Geol Sci   GEOL 6323  Advanced Structural Geology
GEOL 5303  Computer Appl in Earth Sci   GEOL 6325  Tectonic Geomorphology
GEOL 5304  Earth Structure   GEOL 6330  Sandstone Petrography
GEOL 5305  Earth Materials   GEOL 6332  Carbonate Petrography and Depo Enviro
GEOL 5306  Studies in Oceanography   GEOL 6334  Sedimentary Depositional Environments
GEOL 5307  Paleobiology   GEOL 6336  Sequence Stratigraphy
GEOL 5308  Planetary Geology   GEOL 6340  Hydrogeology
GEOL 5309  Mineral Resrcs, Econ & Environ   GEOL 6342  Environmental Tracers in Waters
GEOL 5310  Introduction to Entrepreneurial Geosciences   GEOL 6344  Groundwater in Geological Processes
GEOL 5311  Advanced Entrepreneurial Geosciences   GEOL 6360  Planetary Science
GEOL 5315  Selected Topics-Geological Sci   GEOL 6396  Doctoral Research in Geol Sci
GEOL 5317  Hydrogeology   GEOL 6320  Dissertation
GEOL 5318  Petroleum Geology   GEOL 6321  Dissertation
GEOL 5320  Environmental Tracers in Water      
GEOL 5343  Isotope Geology   GEOP 5163  Directed Study in Geophysics
GEOL 5344  Advanced Petrology   GEOP 5263  Directed Study in Geophysics
GEOL 5345  Environmental Geochemistry   GEOP 5306  Atmospheric Processes
GEOL 5348  Electron Probe Microanalysis   GEOP 5336  Digital Image Processing
GEOL 5362  Directed Study in Geology   GEOP 5352  Geophysical Inverse Theory
GEOL 5363  Sandstone Petrography   GEOP 5353  Reflection Seismic Data Proces
GEOL 5364  Sedimentary Depositional Envir   GEOP 5354  Seismology
GEOL 5365  Basin Analysis   GEOP 5356  Topics in Geophysics
GEOL 5375  Quantit Techniq Geological Sci   GEOP 5357  Well Logging
GEOL 5376  Low Temperature Geochemistry   GEOP 5361  Plate Tectonics
GEOL 5377  Global Biogeochemical Cycles   GEOP 5362  Reflection Seismic Data Interp
GEOL 5379  Petroleum Geochemistry   GEOP 5363  Directed Study in Geophysics
GEOL 5384  Nuclear Waste Disposal   GEOP 5364  North Amer Geophysical Framewk
GEOL 5386  Paleoclimatology   GEOP 5460  Geop App-Digital Signal Proces
GEOL 5387  Applied Quaternary Geology   GEOP 6350   Advanced Seismology
GEOL 5389  Graduate Research in Geol Sci   GEOP 6352  Advanced Seismic Methods
GEOL 5392  Environmental Risk Assessment   GEOP 6360   Applications of Potential Theory
GEOL 5397  Geol/Mineral Resources Mexico   GEOP 6110  Directed Study in Geophysics
GEOL 5398  Thesis   GEOP 6210  Directed Study in Geophysics
GEOL 5399  Thesis   GEOP 6310  Directed Study in Geophysics
GEOL 5401  Fundamentals of Earth Science      
GEOL 5402  Fundmtls/Fld Meth in Earth Sci   ESCI 5307  Arid Lands
      ESCI 5308  Climate Science
      ESCI 5315  Topics in Environmental Science
      ESCI 5401  Environmental Biology
      ESCI 5402  Environmental Chemistry
      ESCI 5403  Environmental Geology


Four-year Plan

GR DR TITLE INSTRUCTOR 2016 2017 2017 2018 2018 2019 2019 2020
5101 6115 Graduate Seminar   Goodell Goodell X X X X X X
5343   Isotope Geology Anthony X       X      
5344   Advanced Petrology Anthony     X       X  
5315 6315 Scientific Communication Arnold X   X   X   X  
5315 6315 Scientific Writing - Proposals Arnold   X   X   X   X
5315 6315 Scientific Writing - Thesis Arnold   X   X   X   X
5315   Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Brunner     X       X  
5315   Carbonate Chemistry Brunner X       X      
5376   Low Temperature Geochemistry Brunner   X   X   X   X
  6315 Geomicrobiology Brunner   X   X   X   X
5352   Geophysical Inverse Theory Doser     X       X  
5357   Well Logging Doser   X       X    
5356   Explo Geophys Non-Seismic Meth. Doser/Serpa     X     X    
  6360 Applications of Potential Theory Doser                
5315 6336 Sequence Stratigraphy Giles       X       X
5315 6315 Reservoir Geometry Giles   X       X    
5364 6334 Sedimentary Depositional Envir Giles     X       X  
5315 6332 Carbonate Petrogrph & Dep. Env. Giles X       X      
5315   Invertebrate Paleontology Giles   X       X    
  6350 Paleoclimatology Gill       X       X
5306   Atmospheric Processes Gill X              
5307   Arid Lands Gill/Langford   X            
5308   Climate Science                  
5310 6315 Intro to Entrepreneurial Geosci Goodell X   X   X   X  
5311 6315 Adv. Entrepreneurial Geosci Goodell   X   X   X   X
5315   Geochemical Statistics Goodell   X       X    
5384   Nuclear Fuel Cycle Goodell   X       X    
5397   Geol/Mineral Resources Mexico Goodell       X       X
5336   Digital Image Processing Hurtado       X       X
5315 6325 Tectonic Geomorphology Hurtado X       X      
5315 6360 Planetary Science Hurtado   X       X    
5315   Soils Jin   X   X   X   X
5345   Environmental Geochemistry Jin X       X      
5378   Global Biogeochemical Cycles Jin     X       X  
5361   Plate Tectonics Karplus   X   X   X   X
  6352 Adv. Seismic methods Karplus/Serpa   X     X   X  
5307   Arid Lands Langford/Gill   X            
5318   Petroluem Geology - IBA Langford   X   X   X   X
5363 6330 Sandstone Petrography Langford       X       X
5365   Basin Analysis Langford   X       X    
5317 6340 Hydrogeology Ma   X   X   X   X
5320 6342 Environmental Tracers in Water Ma X       X      
  6344 Groundwater in Geological Proc. Ma     X       X  
  6323 Advanced Structural Geology Pavlis   X       X    
5364   North Amer Geophysical Framewk Pavlis                
5315 6315 Cordilleran Tectonics Pavlis                
5324   Geocomputation Pennington X       X      
5303   Computer Appl in Geol Sci Pennington   X       X    
5315 6315/ESE 6307 Socio-environmental systems Pennington     X       X  
5323   Spatial Analysis Earth/Env Science Pennington       X       X
5321   Introduction to GIS   X X X X X X X X
5322   Advanced GIST   X X X X X X X X
5215   Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Investing Pingitore X       X      
5215   Fundamentals of Mines & Min. Investing Pingitore     X       X  
5348   Microprobe Pingitore   X   X   X   X
5375   Quant. Tech Pingitore X   X   X   X  
5401   Fundamentals of Earth Science Serpa             X  
5402   Fundmtls/Fld Meth in Earth Sci Serpa                
5356   Explo Geophys Non-Seismic Meth. Doser/Serpa     X     X    
5356   Explor Geophysics-Seismic Meth. Serpa X     X     X  
  6352 Adv. Seismic methods Serpa/Karplus   X     X     X
5354 6315 Seismology Velasco X     X     X  
5356 6350 Advanced Seismology Velasco   X     X     X
5460 6315 Geop App-Digital Signal Proces Velasco     X     X