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There are many career opportunities in the geosciences. The oil industry employs many geologists and geophysicists to find and produce oil and natural gas. Geoscientists work in the environmental industry to clean up hazardous chemical spills, to protect wetlands and groundwater, to design waste facilities and in many other tasks. Government employs a growing number of geologists in jobs that range from determining where landslide might occur to helping to determine where roads should be built, to using satellite imagery to show how a city is growing. Geologists also do research in government laboratories such as Los Alamos National Laboratory and government agencies such as the U.S. Geological Survey. College and universities also employ geologists and geophysicists to conduct research and teach. Many geologists also teach science in middle schools and high schools.


(white sands record climate change in their movement and formation.)

Other reasons:

  • It is a profession that rates highly in job satisfaction.
  • Starting salaries average in the mid $30,000 for graduates and students with master's degrees often expect to be paid over $100,000 within five years.
  • Geologists have the opportunity to work all over the world. This year UTEP geologists worked in Canada, Mexico, the Alps, the Himalayas and Africa.



Why study at UTEP?

UTEP originally was the Texas College of Mines and the Geological Sciences Department has a long tradition of excellence. Our graduates almost all go into professional careers or graduate school. The department is also very active in research, and has received millions of dollars in research grants from many organizations, including the National Science Foundation, the United States Geological Survey, NASA, and the Department of Energy. This allows students to step beyond the classroom and have  opportunity to perform research under the guidance of a faculty member.