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Graduate Students in the Department of Geological Sciences

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Current M.S. Environmental Science Students (alphabetical order)


Current M.S. Geology Students (alphabetical order)

Jacqueline wildlife 

Jacqueline Engel – M.S. Student (Dr. Ma)

Thesis Topic: U-series isotopes in rivers and weatheirng rinds in French Guadeloupe

Expected Completion: Winter 2015


Jiye Guo – M.S. Student (Dr. Ma)

Thesis Topic: Using U-series to study the environmental factors controlling chemical weathering rate in Guadeloupe Island

Expected Completion: Summer 2016


Fotios Fouskas – M.S. Student (Dr. Ma)

Thesis Topic: Using cadmium and zinc isotopic techniques to understand the behavior of trace elements during coal combustion

Expected Completion: Spring 2015

Hiebing field

Matt Hiebing – M.S. Student (Dr. Ma)

Thesis Topic: Groundwater chemistry and flow paths in faulted aquifers of the Rio Grande valley: implication for river salinity

Expected Completion: Summer 2016


Kevin Lerer – M.S. Student (Dr. Brunner)

Thesis Topic: The Role of Microbes in the Formation of Carbonate Cap Rock, Paradox Basin, Southwestern Colorado

Expected Completion: December 2015


Yvette Pereyra – M.S. Student (Dr. Ma)

Thesis Topic: Quantify soil formation and rind formation with U-series isotopes in French Guadeloupe

Expected Completion: Winter 2015


Current M.S. Geophysics Students (alphabetical order)


Current Ph.D. Geology Students (alphabetical order)

Syprose intheLab2  

Syprose Nyachoti – Ph.D. Student (Dr. Ma)

Dissertation Topic: Using U and Sr isotopes to understand formation of pedogenic carbonates and river salinity in semi-arid Rio Grande Watershed

Expected Completion: Summer 2015