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Professional & Entrepreneurial Geoscience Brochure 

Entrepreneurial geologists have been around since at least the Bronze Age and have introduced many new materials and technologies. In a time where the demands on such resources skyrocket, we investigate new avenues to cover these needs as well as the need for people with the entrepreneurial skill set to address these challenges.

Being a true professional in the field of the exploration of resources is challenging. Skills and creativity to resolve resource challenges alone do not warrant success - market mechanisms and policies must be understood, and risks need to be properly assessed and managed.

Our teaching and research efforts address the resource needs of our society, both by exploring new approaches to cover those needs, as well as by training geologists to become true professionals who understand that sustainability and profitability are an inseparable couple.

The discovery phase of resource development is unique. It is the entrepreneurial high risk stage of resource development and production. Subsequent entrepreneurial actions add to the value or lower the cost of the product.

Recent changes in the regulations and policies have a strong impact on potential oil and gas exploration in Mexico. Compounded with advancement in technologies such as horizontal drilling and successful recovery of shale gas, this development has created conditions that triggered a boom in oil and gas exploration in the state of Chihuahua (Mexico) that shares the border with Texas (USA). We are heavily involved in binational efforts to guide the development of a successful and environmentally responsible oil and gas industry in Chihuahua, benefiting the economy in our binational border region.



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